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Strive2Speak is an innovative program designed to enhance speech fluency. This program benefits children, teenagers, adults, educators, business professionals, and those who want to improve their public speaking skills.

Homework Bar and Lounge

The Homework Bar and Lounge is an after school lounge and academic enrichment program for young adults. It provides coaching to middle and high school students and serves as a community space to do homework, receive subject tutoring, and participate in clubs while socializing with friends.


You're Our Focus. Your Growth & Success Our Passion.



Our Inspiration

So2Speak's focus is to support individual's personal growth and academic success. Inspired by Harvey's successful method for speech fluency, we pioneered an enrichment program now available to all. The building blocks of our program are:


Speech: The world's greatest leaders are masters of rhetoric. We provide an opportunity that is not exclusive to those with speech impediments. So2Speak's method works for everyone and anyone who wants to improve their "speakability." 


Education: One's ability to evolve is rooted in their past and current experiences. The ability to relate to a new idea enables one to absorb and comprehend it with more ease. We believe it is vital for us to be able to relate to, and understand our students’ individual needs, perspectives, and experiences. 


Personal Growth: We provide the foundation for our students to become responsible, honest, proactive, goal oriented individuals who strive to better their lives and impact the lives of others.


So2Speak utilizes a combination of Speech, Education, and Personal Growth to empower tomorrow's leaders. 



Lawrence Krause was born and raised in New York. Yet, in his youth something drew him to England. He received his Accounting degree from London School of Economics and a Law degree shortly thereafter. Back in America, he established a successful law practice on Wall Street.  Over the years, many came to his office seeking advice, legal council, or financial help. Lawrence’s motto was: “remember the small people on your way up, so that they may remember you on your way down.” Newly arrived immigrants, business men down on their luck, and many others found their way to his office and his open heart. Despite, his overly busy professional and public life, he always found time for his children’s growth and education. Lawrence valued education and community awareness. He used his success to impact the lives of others for the better.

Their distinct life stories are our inspiration. Lawrence Krause and Harvey Dolinsky chose to pursue their dreams and dedicate their lives to helping others.

Sixty years prior, while the United States was at war with Korea, a young man from New Jersey with a severe stutter received a draft notice in the mail. The patriotic young man, Harvey presented himself before the committee, only to feel crushed when his draft-card was stamped, "not valid for conscription." He'd been discriminated against before because of his stutter, but he resolved that this would be the last time. He was going to conquer his affliction. He devised powerful yet simple techniques that enabled him to control and gradually eliminate his stutter forever. It became his lifetime mission to teach his techniques free of charge to every speech-impaired person he could, to enable them to triumph over their own tongues, and thus enjoy the social, business, and academic success they deserve.

Lawrence M. Krause Esq.

Harvey Dolinsky

So2Speak’s mission and vision are dedicated in loving memory of Lawrence Krause. In addition, So2Speak aims to perpetuate Harvey’s work and legacy.

Our Leadership

Academia and education are in constant flux. Human progression and growth is embedded in the notion of change. A successful leader is a perpetual student. We are perpetual students of self development. We pride ourselves in seeking and consulting with those whose experiences and knowledge can further our mission, vision, and our personal growth.

Executive Board

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Advisory Board

Legal Counsel

Dr. Inna Pendrak, D.O

Senator Jack Faxon


Jay Leberman

Rebecca Berdugo Esq.





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